Glam Up Your Look with Unique Resin and Hand-Placed Rhinestone Drinkware and Accessories

Artist Faves

All of my most favorite pieces. I hope you love them too. 


  • Handmade

    All of my creations are handmade and created in house in my studio. Handmade items have minor imperfections but they are made with love and care.

  • One-of-One

    My creations are one-of-one, excluding keychains. Ocassionally a few items will be recreated, but to keep their uniqueness, reproductions and mass creation of one design aren't part of my creative philosophy.

  • Hand Placed Crystals

    All glass crystal on rhinestone projects are placed one stone at a time. No placement templates, no mass production, no short cuts. It's tedious and can be time-consuming work but the results are stunning.

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